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Because valve disease can have serious complications, it’s important to talk with a healthcare professional right away and to have an open conversation about your health.

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    • National Heart Valve Disease Awareness Day Celebrated at Inova Heart and Vascular Center
      On February 22, the National Heart Valve Disease Awareness Day campaign celebrated a flagship event hosted by Inova Heart and Vascular Institute. The event brought together patients, loved ones, medical professionals, government leaders and patient advocacy representatives to celebrate heart valve disease awareness. The gathering highlighted the outstanding work of the Inova Heart and Vascular team as well as the patient’s who received innovative repair and replacement procedures as well as the importance of Valve Disease Day. Inova Heart and Vascular Institute’s state-of-the-art flagship location on Inova Fairfax Medical Campus is one of the most complete, technologically-advanced medical and research centers…
    • Diagnosis, Treatment and Action Guide for Aortic Stenosis
      CardioSmart’s About My Aortic Stenosis guide was created by the American College of Cardiology to help patients and caregivers better understand Aortic Stenosis. The downloadable document provides information to help you track your symptoms, figure out a treatment plan and know what questions to ask your physician. To view this helpful guide, access the link below.
    • Study finds conscious sedation as a safe alternative to general anesthesia for heart valve procedure
      UCLA scientists have published new study findings that suggest an alternative method to general anesthesia for patients who undergo transcatheter aortic valve replacement. Conscious sedation, which is a type of anesthesia in which patients remain awake but are sleepy and pain-free, has been found to be safe and sometimes preferable for heart valve patients.
    • Elaine and Blake Webster's story
      Heart valve surgery is not a journey that a patient takes alone. It requires a strategic team of doctors and dedicated caregivers to help the patient feel most comfortable and supported while overcoming new and unique challenges. Elaine Webster has personally grown to be the ideal caregiver, friend, patient advocate, nurse, and confidant throughout her husband, Blake’s journey through his first major arrhythmia, to mitral-valve surgery, and finally onto recovery. Through her first-hand experience as a caregiver for sixteen years, Elaine has provided valuable insight and advice in her book, Heartfelt. Learn more and access Elaine’s book, Heartfelt here.    
    • Tips for Talking with Your Cardiologist
      The Cleveland Clinic provides tips on getting the most out of your next cardiology appointment.
    • Jim Kelly Mitral Valve Repair Success Story
      In this video, Dr. Patrick McCarthy from Northwestern University and patient Jim Kelly discuss the mitral valve repair procedure.
    • Talking With Your Heart Valve Surgeon
      Talking with a physician, let alone a heart surgeon, can be an intimidating experience especially if you’re anxious about what needs to be done. Adam Pick encourages you on why it’s best to take a friend with you, and the value you can get out of writing down your questions ahead of time. Visit to learn more from the American Heart Association.
    • Talking With Your Heart Valve Surgeon
      Watch this short video from the American Heart Association to learn about strategies for talking with your surgeon, narrated by Adam Pick, a heart valve patient and educator.
    • Questions to Ask Your Doctor Regarding Heart Valve Disease
      This helpful list of questions from St. Jude Medical can be printed out and brought with you to an appointment with a healthcare professional. Questions are included on the necessity of surgery, complications following surgery, medications to take after surgery, and many more.
    • Discussing Treatment with Your Healthcare Professional
      This helpful checklist from St. Jude Medical can be printed out and brought with you to your next appointment. It includes tips on what to discuss like how to choose a valve, protecting your valve from further damage, and preparing for surgery.
    • Heart Valve Voice: Physician Consultation Guide
      Going to the doctor? Be sure to download and print this resource from Heart Valve Voice for tips on how to discuss heart valve disease with your health care professional.
    • American Heart Association Guide for Caregivers
      Caring for a loved one affected by valve disease? Check out this guide by the American Heart Association for tips on how to support your loved one and yourself through the process.  
    • A comprehensive set of valve disease resources from the American Heart Association
      The American Heart Association gives a comprehensive look at valve disease with articles, videos, support networks, and more.
    • Ask a Texas Heart Institute Doctor
      Submit your questions on valve disease to a Texas Heart Institute doctor and search through previous answered questions to learn from others.
    • Download a free guide to valve disease and treatment options from Cleveland Clinic
      This free brochure from the Cleveland Clinic covers the landscape of valve disease and shares treatment options.
    • About Valve Disease: Talking with Your Doctor
      This quick guide from the Alliance for Aging Research, offers tips on talking with your doctor or health care professional about valve disease. It includes information for patients who know they have valve disease, as well as those who think they may have a valve problem. This resource is designed to help make these important conversations a little bit easier.