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Seeing a healthcare professional if you think you may have valve disease is critical. Getting a second opinion and finding professionals you are comfortable with are also an important part of your treatment plan.

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    • National Heart Valve Disease Awareness Day Celebrated at Inova Heart and Vascular Center
      On February 22, the National Heart Valve Disease Awareness Day campaign celebrated a flagship event hosted by Inova Heart and Vascular Institute. The event brought together patients, loved ones, medical professionals, government leaders and patient advocacy representatives to celebrate heart valve disease awareness. The gathering highlighted the outstanding work of the Inova Heart and Vascular team as well as the patient’s who received innovative repair and replacement procedures as well as the importance of Valve Disease Day. Inova Heart and Vascular Institute’s state-of-the-art flagship location on Inova Fairfax Medical Campus is one of the most complete, technologically-advanced medical and research centers…
    • Learn more about NYU Langone's approach to valve disease
      Learn more about the specialized care provided by leading cardiology experts at NYU Langone Health’s Heart Valve Center.
    • Find a TAVR Center near you is an online transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) authority and educational resource for patients and healthcare professionals. The website provides access to an interactive tool that assists in finding a multi-disciplinary Heart Team who can determine whether TAVR is an option for you or your loved one.  Other resources include: Educational content on aortic stenosis and TAVR Print and downloadable no-charge resources for patients and HCPs Doctor Discussion Guide Find A TAVR Center directory Procedural animations Real patient stories
    • Surgeon Finder Tool provides an easy-to-use and interactive tool to help find, research, and contact more than 1,500 patient-recommended heart valve surgeons in 30 countries. Search by your zip code, city, state, country, surgeon’s last name, or patient reviews.  
    • Busiest doctors get the best patient outcomes with heart valve surgery
      A new study conducted by researchers at Mount Sinai Health System in New York City found that patients who have heart valve surgery get better results and are more likely to survive if their surgeon does the operation frequently. Learn more about this study published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology here.
    • Elaine and Blake Webster's story
      Heart valve surgery is not a journey that a patient takes alone. It requires a strategic team of doctors and dedicated caregivers to help the patient feel most comfortable and supported while overcoming new and unique challenges. Elaine Webster has personally grown to be the ideal caregiver, friend, patient advocate, nurse, and confidant throughout her husband, Blake’s journey through his first major arrhythmia, to mitral-valve surgery, and finally onto recovery. Through her first-hand experience as a caregiver for sixteen years, Elaine has provided valuable insight and advice in her book, Heartfelt. Learn more and access Elaine’s book, Heartfelt here.    
    • Navigating Financial and Support Resources
      This Financial Resources and Care Support Navigator from LivingwithValveDisease provides a customized list of financial and support resources for your unique needs as you deal with a heart valve disease diagnosis and treatment. You can find it here.
    • Heart Valve CareLine provides one-on-one professional assistance
      The Heart Valve CareLine is a free patient hotline providing one-on-one professional assistance and eliminating healthcare access barriers. Now, patients have a partner on their side to guide them through the complex insurance and reimbursement system, allowing them to focus on living the happy and healthy life they deserve.  The CareLine is supported by a gift from Edwards Lifesciences Foundation and staffed by experts from Patient Assistance Foundation.
    • Learn more about hospitals that specialize in heart valve surgery brings you a database of the hospitals that specialize in heart valve surgery–with access to virtual tours, patient stories, and access to valve specialists.
    • Find, research, and contact heart valve surgeons at allows users to search the more than 1,500 patient recommended surgeons, from over 30 countries.
    • A comprehensive set of valve disease resources from the American Heart Association
      The American Heart Association gives a comprehensive look at valve disease with articles, videos, support networks, and more.
    • Research Match connects researchers and patients for clinical studies
      Research Match brings together researchers, patients, and volunteers to support clinical trial enrollment. It’s a free and secure registry that was developed by major academic institutions across the country who want to make sure studies make a real different in everyone’s health.
    • Find clinical trials in heart valve disease
      Find clinical studies in heart valve disease—both private and publicly supported—using the database at The website is maintained by the National Library of Medicine at the National Institutes of Health and includes both open studies and study results. Users can search by disease and condition, type of intervention, requirements for participation, study location, and more.
    • Learn about the importance of participating in clinical trials
      The National Institutes of Health’s Clinical Trials and You website helps readers learn about what clinical trials do and how to find them, and lets readers hear from people who have participated in trials.
    • Chat with a Cleveland Clinic heart and vascular resource nurse
      This important resource from the Cleveland Clinic makes registered nurses available Monday through Friday, 8:30 – 4:30, to answer your heart and vascular questions. You can call, chat on-line, e-mail, and find ways to stay in touch.