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Watch these animated, expert, and medical videos on valve disease.

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    • National Heart Valve Disease Awareness Day Videos
      Learn more about the National Heart Valve Disease Awareness Day campaign through these short, informative videos! National Heart Valve Disease Awareness Day Explained in 60 Seconds National Heart Valve Disease Awareness Day Explained in 30 Seconds To learn more about the campaign, visit  
    • University of North Carolina Heart Valve Clinic TAVR Videos
      Watch the videos below to learn more about UNC’s TAVR procedures: NC Health Care Physicians talk about TAVR, a new treatment for aortic valve disease Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR) at UNC Heart & Vascular: All at One Location Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR) Team Approach at UNC Health Care UNC’s 100th TAVR Patient Story  
    • Valve Stenosis: When a Heart Valve is Too Tight
      This short video from the American Heart Association gives a brief overview of the different kinds of heart valve stenosis. Visit for more information about valve problems.
    • Video on valve replacement options from
      In this video, Dr. Alfred Trento, the Director of Cardio-Thoracic Surgery at Cedars Mt Sinai Medical Center, talks with Adam Pick about heart valve replacement options.
    • Surgeon Q&A: What is the Latest Research on Less Invasive Aortic Valve Surgery?
      Interview with Dr. Allan Stewart on  less invasive aortic valve surgery techniques.
    • Sophie Marsh shares her story on
      Sophie Marsh, a patient who needed mitral valve and tricuspid valve surgery, shared her story with Adam Pick of  Watch her story of success.
    • Dr. Robert Bonow on Heart Valve Disease Symptoms
      Robert Bonow, MD, describes the symptoms that may alert a person to heart valve disease symptoms. It’s important to know that some patients with heart valve disease do not have symptoms, but still have a serious condition. Visit the American Heart Association at for more information about valve problems.
    • Valve Regurgitation: When a Heart Valve Leaks Video
      This American Heart Association video explains valve regurgitation, or a leaky heart valve. If you’ve been told you have a leaky valve, here’s a simple explanation of what it means and why it matters to your heart health.
    • Animation of Mitral Valve Prolapse from the American Heart Association
      This excellent animation from the AHA gives an animated look at normal function of the mitral valve, prolapse, regurgitation, and a side-by-side look that compares all three.
    • Cleveland Clinic Video on How the Heart Works
      This simple, easy-to-understand video gives an overview of how the heart functions.
    • The Patient Mind - A Blog Post from Adam Pick
      In The Patient Mind: Before, During, & After Heart Surgery Adam Pick – patient, author, and founder of – interviews Dr. Kim Feingold and Dr. Duc Thinh Pham, on their approaches to helping cardiac patients prepare for surgery.
    • Diagnosing Heart Valve Disease Video
      This video from St. Jude Medical discusses the different diagnostic tests, including ECG/EKG, ECHO, MRI, Chest X-ray, and more.
    • How a Heart Valve Works
      This video from St. Jude Medical gives an inside view of the heart and explains how healthy heart valves function.
    • Jim Kelly Mitral Valve Repair Success Story
      In this video, Dr. Patrick McCarthy from Northwestern University and patient Jim Kelly discuss the mitral valve repair procedure.
    • Valve Repair Procedures
      In this video from St. Jude Medical, learn about different surgical options for repairing a heart valve, including Mitral Valvuloplasty and Commissurotomy.
    • Valve Surgery and Recovery
      Watch this short informational video from St. Jude Medical to learn about the risks involved in heart valve surgery and to learn about life and recovery after surgery.