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    • New Silver Book and Infographic Factsheet on Heart Valve Disease
      The Alliance for Aging Research recently released The Silver Book®: Valve Disease volume, Aortic Stenosis factsheet, and Valve Disease infographic factsheet which highlight the latest facts and figures on the impact of heart valve disease in America. Heart valve disease is a leading type of cardiovascular disease that becomes more common with age. Published studies estimate that approximately five million people in the U.S. have heart valve disease. However, as noted in the new factsheet, based on current population estimates that number could range from 8.7 to 11.6 million. Heart valve disease is a serious disease that, left undetected and untreated,…
    • New eBook from HeartValveSurgery on Advances in Transcatheter Heart Valve Therapy
      A webinar from on “Advances in Transcatheter Heart Valve Surgery” is available in eBook form and includes the presentations of Dr. Patrick McCarthy of Northwestern Medicine, Dr. Charles Davidson of Northwestern Memorial Hospital, and Dr. S. Charles Malaisrie of Northwestern Memorial Hospital.
    • How Can I Recover From Heart Surgery?
      This fact sheet highlights what to expect immediately after heart surgery, during your hospital stay, and when you are discharged home.
    • Planning Your Recovery Worksheet from Heart Valve Voice
      This worksheet helps people who are scheduled for heart valve surgery to plan well, recover well, and get back to living life.
    • Cleveland Clinic Heart Valve Disease Treatment Guide
      Use this guide as a resource as you examine your treatment options. It covers causes, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatments of valve disease. The guide also explains the different types of valve repair surgery.
    • What is Heart Valve Surgery? Factsheet
      The American Heart Association provides information on the purposes of heart valves, causes of valve problems, types of valve problems, and surgical information in this helpful handout.
    • What Should You Know About Heart Valves & Atrial Fibrillation?
      Take some time to go through this webinar by and Northwestern Medicine. The webinar features cardiac surgeon Dr. Patrick M. McCarthy, cardiologist Dr. James Thomas, and patient and founder of Adam Pick. It covers topics such as the anatomy of the heart valve, types of atrial fibrillation, and guidelines for treatment. The webinar introduces a lot of information and is a quality education tool for learning about heart valves and atrial fibrillation.
    • Discussing Treatment with Your Healthcare Professional
      This helpful checklist from St. Jude Medical can be printed out and brought with you to your next appointment. It includes tips on what to discuss like how to choose a valve, protecting your valve from further damage, and preparing for surgery.
    • Heart Surgery Information Booklet from the University of Michigan
      See this detailed resource by the University of Michigan Cardiovascular Center for information about the heart, heart valve disease, treatment options, types of procedures, and more. This resource also has information for families and caregivers.
    • Download a free guide to valve disease and treatment options from Cleveland Clinic
      This free brochure from the Cleveland Clinic covers the landscape of valve disease and shares treatment options.
    • About Valve Disease: Talking with Your Doctor
      This quick guide from the Alliance for Aging Research, offers tips on talking with your doctor or health care professional about valve disease. It includes information for patients who know they have valve disease, as well as those who think they may have a valve problem. This resource is designed to help make these important conversations a little bit easier.
    • Heart Valve Disease: Patient Information
      This brochure from the Alliance for Aging Research includes information on the basics of valve disease—what it is, how you get it, how you know you have it, and how it’s diagnosed.  It also covers broad treatment options, what to expect after surgery, and a list of helpful resources.
    • Women With Valve Disease
      Part of a workshop kit for women with valve disease, this brochure gives a broad overview of valve disease in women.