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    • Join the National Heart Valve Disease Awareness Day Twitter Chat on February 22
      The National Heart Valve Disease Awareness Day Campaign will be co-hosting a Twitter chat with Everyday Health and the American Heart Association from 1-2 PM ET on Thursday, February 22nd. This chat will feature a live Q&A from experts in the valve disease space discussing the basics of heart valve disease, barriers to detection and treatment, the goals of the Valve Disease Day Campaign, and ways to access valuable resources. We encourage patients, caregivers, physicians and advocates to join the conversation @ValveDiseaseDay on twitter and tweet using #ValveDiseaseDay leading up to the day and during the chat. To learn more about Valve Disease…
    • Celebrate National Heart Valve Disease Awareness Day on February 22nd
      The second annual National Heart Valve Disease Awareness Day is less than one month away! This campaign was created to raise awareness about the risk of heart valve disease, encourage patients to get their heart checked regularly, and educate the public about the innovative treatment options that are available. As many as 5 million Americans have heart valve disease (HVD) which involves damage to one or more of the heart’s valves. While some types are not serious, others can lead to major complications—including death. HVD can be there at birth, or develop from damage later in life from calcification, other cardiovascular diseases…
    • Mended Hearts' GotoGuide for Valve Disease
      Mended Hearts has created a helpful resource for patients and caregivers called the GoToGuide for Valve Disease. The guide provides a thorough understanding of valve disease including: An overview of the disease Signs, symptoms, and detection Treatment options, guidelines, and what to expect The FDA approval for expanded use of TAVR procedures Suggested lifestyle changes A list of external tools and resources The printer-friendly version of the guide is available here.
    • Learn more about NYU Langone's approach to valve disease
      Learn more about the specialized care provided by leading cardiology experts at NYU Langone Health’s Heart Valve Center.
    • Learn More About Heart Valve Surgery Options
      Learn more about the variety of options for heart valve repair and replacement. Medtronic provides a thorough explanation of surgical procedures, the benefits and risks, as well as a Q & A section that covers all of your concerns.
    • Diagnosis, Treatment and Action Guide for Aortic Stenosis
      CardioSmart’s About My Aortic Stenosis guide was created by the American College of Cardiology to help patients and caregivers better understand Aortic Stenosis. The downloadable document provides information to help you track your symptoms, figure out a treatment plan and know what questions to ask your physician. To view this helpful guide, access the link below.
    • Resource Library
      Visit, an Edwards LifeSciences website, to access downloadable materials that include information on the basics of aortic stenosis and TAVR, a doctor discussion guide, and much more. Available in both English and Spanish versions.
    • American Heart Association's Interactive Treatment Guide
      Learn more about your heart valve disease treatment options from Heart Valve specialist Robert Bonow, M.D. through this interactive treatment guide.
    • National Heart Valve Disease Awareness Day Twitter Chat- February 22nd
      We invite all patients, family caregivers, health educators, healthcare professionals, and those who care about heart valve disease to share their experiences and engage in an important conversation during the National Heart Valve Disease Awareness Day Twitter chat. We will discuss the importance of the first annual awareness day, the impact of heart valve disease on America’s population, how aging affects one’s risk of heart valve disease, what patterns patients should recognize in their health, and how patients and loved ones can get involved in the heart valve disease conversation. Join the conversation on February 22nd and tweet using #ValveDiseaseDay to learn from the experts and let your voice be heard!
    • First-Ever National Heart Valve Disease Awareness Day Educational Briefing
      Come join the 20 national organizations celebrating the first ever National Heart Valve Disease Awareness Day this February 22nd.  Hear from the director of the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute, the former president of The Society for Thoracic Surgeons, and two American Heart Association Heart Valve Ambassadors. The president and CEO of the Alliance for Aging Research will also share awareness day calls-to-action for individuals, policymakers, and district offices. Learn more and register here.
    • February 22, National Heart Valve Awareness Day, Added to National Health Observances Calendar
      Today, the Alliance for Aging Research announced that February 22, 2017, will serve as the first-ever National Heart Valve Disease Awareness Day, with annual observances to follow. In addition, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has listed this new awareness day and an accompanying toolkit on its National Health Observances Calendar (NHO) at National Heart Valve Disease Awareness Day is sponsored by the Alliance and supported by 29 national organizations representing patients, providers, and older adults. Read the full press release.
    • University of Michigan Heart Valve Disease Website
      Heart valve disease is a condition in which one or more of your heart’s four valves — the tricuspid, pulmonary, mitral and aortic — don’t work correctly. This website from the University of Michigan highlights the different kinds of valve disease, as well as treatment options and patient resources.
    • Mechanical Heart Valve Replacement
      St. Jude Medical patient, Dawn, shares her experience with mechanical heart valve replacement.
    • Aortic Valve Disease Guide from the Society of Thoracic Surgeons
      This on-line guide from the Society for Thoracic Surgeons provides a comprehensive overview of aortic valve disease including disease basics, causes & symptoms, diagnosis & treatment options, and recovery.   The resource also features a video from Dr. Robbin A Cohen.
    • James' Story: Tissue Valve Recipient
      In 2006, when he was 63 years old, James came to the realization that the only way to successfully repair his damaged heart valve was with surgery. No amount of medical intervention or lifestyle changes would give him the results he needed to live a full life. Read about his experience with tissue heart valve replacement surgery.
    • Learn About Heart Valves Video
      One of the best first steps in your valve disease treatment process is to learn about heart valves. Learning about your condition also helps you educate your family and friends. The American Heart Association invites you to watch this video on heart valve and explore the media content provided on to learn more.